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Parsley family; It is a half meter high plant. The leaves are round or round shape. Its flowers are white; fruits are small. There is "Anethol" in its fruits called "anise". It is fragrant and burning flavor. Meet in July and August.


* Anise is very useful as a primary gas exfoliant, strengthening the stomach and soothing cough.
* A glass of anise tea can be tried for persistent hiccups.
* It is appetizing, eliminates the aversion towards food.
* It is used as a soothing and digestive aid.
* It can also be tried against insomnia.
* Babies and young children should be given anise tea in case of gas problems and coughs.
* It can also be used as aroma additive to herbal teas or herbal medicines whose taste and smell are not pleasant.
* Anise tea increases the insufficient breast milk.
* Urine Information.
* Cuts vomiting and diarrhea.
* Calms the nerves.
* It stops migraine pain.
* Brain relieves fatigue.
* It relieves complaints in asthma, shortness of breath and bronchitis and stops coughing.
* Makes young girls' breasts plump and erect. In the elderly, hall sagging breasts.

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